Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super Junior - A Short Journey

A song from Bonamana album repackage.

A song written by Eunhyuk and composed by Donghae. The most important thing about this song is Kangin took part in it. Most of the lines in this song was sang by him. I'm just gonna miss that guy so much.

Enjoy ~

Credits ~
Translations by I love Kim Heechul's Facebook Page
Subbed by adellyne05

p/s - neway, this was my 100th post...yuuhhuuu....!!!!


Yang TerBaik Untukku

Yg terbaik untukku........... kan ayt tu...
tgh ak iron bju td ak teringat wedding ank sm nasimuddin tu....mmg fairytale wedding for me..hehe..
tp ak sememgnye xnk camtu.tkut hilang.....
tp ak nk yg terbaik......^^
I bet all of u want the same thing ayte??
terbaik punye suami, terbaik punye rumah, terbaik punye kereta, terbaik n terbaik n terbaik...

but do we deserve the best???
BIG question mark......

thats all...=D


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dalmation - Round 1

NIce try...!


Monday, September 20, 2010

ji HYun woo - ONe on one

My best pick from the past....really love this ...!

ji hyun woo - one on one

p/s : a.k.a ak da dpt blik nb hard disc je laaa....hehe~