Friday, November 5, 2010

JYJ - The Beginning

jaejoong, yuchoon, junsu

[pehal la nme sme je ni.the beginning.just beginning.aiissshh.]


2.Ayy Girl (ft Kanye West, Malik Yusef)
4.Be My Girl
5.Still In Love
6.I Can Soar
7.I Love You (ft Flowsik)
8.Be The One


I just think theres not enough feeling . maybe because of lack of members. It just feels like incomplete..T_T.aaaaa.I miss U-Know n Changmin. I miss them together..[and also poor SS501.i'm gonna miss them too]......and also maybe less rapping just extravagant because of Kanye West..

If i can rate this album.i give 2/8......because only 2 songs are nice.hehehehe~

p/s - minna-san, i suggest you listen to album just beginning - by seo in guk..all tracks is the best! same as SHINEE - Luc1fer

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White Hair Guys

I just feel that guy with white hair is really irresistible and definitely kakkooiiiiii......^^

Alrighty mighty...the first guy is ouri MBLAQ leader, SEUNG HO-shi....just change his hairstyle recently.

And Super Junior leader, LEE TEUK-shi....he often change his hairtyle white and blonde..

MUKAI OSAMU-san in Mei-chan no shitsuiji....kakkooii bad-ass...hehe~

Ouri heartthrobe, MIURA HIMURA-san in Koizora the movie

G-DRAGON shi of Big Bang.....Fashionista in Heartbreak....sp

and of course my lovely LEE DONG HAE, in his early days.....chommal keopwooo...^^

we cant miss this guy of course~~~kan fie kan....? KIM HEE CHUL can I miss this guy..J-kun...NARIMIYA HIROKI-san

p/s = is this also count as white hair....hehehehehehhe~