Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jjajangmyun Recipe

Malaysian Style and Halal Jjajang Myun.

Hi guys...Its been a long time right?? hehehe...kemalasan tahap max plus kerja yg xpernah sudah...

Since i live alone in my apartment, i always like to  try to cook a lot of korean food and Malaysian style on top of that so its fit my taste perfectly..^^ ... I have made kimchi (i dont what type but i show it later), fish porridge (which is REALLY good. i know this recipe when i watch 1 night 2 days), kimchi ramyun ( this recipe still needs to work on.something missing..>.< ), kimchi fried rice and a few more...

Actually all of this recipe i got from Maangchi but i alter them to suit the Halal and Malaysian style Korean food for Muslims...


  • Jjangmyeon noodles ( i dont know where to get this this here in Perlis so i change it to spaghetti which very similar to jjangmyeon noodles. its chewy)
  • a few chunk of chicken (potong dadu), boleh jugak tukar to beef, or rabbit, or anything u like ...^^
  • potatoes and carrot cut into cubes ( you also can use daikon which i dont like and zucchini)
  • a few chunks of onion
  • vegetables oil
  • 3 tablespoons of black bean paste (i know. ini ingredient yg paling susah nak cari and lots of Malaysian dont know what it is. It is simple actually use "kicap pekat" ...^^..ada banyak brand di pasaran. Tamim ke, cap kipas ke...Just use any of that.
  • Tablespoons of potato starch powder, combined with ¼ cup water and 1 teaspoon of sugar in a small bowl, set aside.. (the sugar is very critical, if bubuh sikit sgt it will be too bland and if put too much it become so sweet)
  •  sesame oil (optional)
  • black pepper (since i like spicier one)
  • cili kering (also optional)
  1. Stir fry the chicken until its crispy
  2. Add onion and cili kering
  3. Add potatoes and carrot. Cook until its soft. Don't forget to add 2 cups of water.
  4. When it boils and the potatoes and carrot become soft. Add kicap pekat and black pepper to your choice.
  5. Lastly, put the potato starch powder. Wait until its boil.
  6. Then, Voila!!!...Its ready....^^

p/s :Eat it with kimchi.Awesome!

This is the first batch of kimchi that i made...^^

Plz COMMENT if its working....^^


Lala Hadi said...

How to make the potato starch?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recipe..;)

Lala Hadi - Potato starch boleh beli dkat kedai..:). also boleh replace dgan corn starch/tepung jangung..:D

Anonymous said...

omaaaiii . buat sendiri eh ? hurmm . malaysia susahlah nak cri ramen noodeles . :(

Lala Hadi said...

Thank you!!! Im making it today. . So excited to try..

Riko Hirishima said...

hey ! teach us how to make kimchii too >"<

[~r@n~] said...

Lala Hadi: Hope it fits ur taste!

Riko Hirishima : I will in sha allah...stay tune!..hehe

Siti Fairuz Rohaniza said...

: boleh x klu gune mixed veg??

[~r@n~] said...

Siti Fairuz Rohaniza: Of course you can. Its ur dish after all..hehe..But I think the taste will differ cause mix vege taste a little strong. so enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

cili kering guna serbuk ke yg biasa ?

[~r@n~] said...

sy gune yg biase je ..:)

sarah lee said...

cili kering tu tkpyh blender kan? sbb ada blog yg tls kna blender dlu.

Anonymous said...

veg oil tu kalau tukar minyak masak biasa boleh ke?

nadiaH said...

Sis,xde pki taucu ke?